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    You guessed it, co-op issues.

    Before support pesters me with this question, yes, I do have a support ticket open for this issue. I am playing the game on Xbox One, and up until recently, me and my brother seemed to have no problem playing local multiplayer on our own gamer tags. It seems like since the update came out, we have been running into a game breaking problem. Player one is always able to select its army, but once player two presses the Y button to select its own army, the selection screen shows player one's hero, and access to the screen is locked to anyone except player one.

    This is particularly disastrous because now, player two cannot choose an army. They are stuck with the crappy default army. In some of the harder parts of the weekly war, this default army just couldn't cut it, and I wasn't able to complete the war.

    Thinking that this might be a result of a corrupted file on my end, I permanently deleted all save data for the game, and uninstalled it and reinstalled it fresh. How red do you think my face was when I discovered that that didn't solve the problem? So now, not only can I STILL not choose my army on the second controller, but now, I don't have any progress at all. Fixing that is something you might want to make a priority, because that's pretty damn bad.
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    Co-op issues

    I have the exact same problems with co op. It really sucks that my son and i cant play together. Player 2 is stuck with the default army at a level 1 character and cant upgrade any of the turrets past level 1, it sucks and destroys the game. Whenever we turn the xbox off it resets the player level for the guest account. lame.

    I hope they are planing on fixing this problem and not leave it stagnant. This is a really fun game for us to play.
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