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    ps4 adult clan with mic :)

    Hi Agents!

    We're a small group of adults (21+) who love games but put their real life responsibilities first, so our gaming times are, at times, limited. But when we do game, we go all out and pass out by our PS4's, snoring into our mics. That's right! We have mics, because we're a bunch of chatty bastards, so if you're into communicating during raids, talking, and making friends, we might be the right place for you!

    Most of us are in North America, we mostly play in the evenings (eastern time) but we do have an Aussie gamer (who's been trying to teach us how to catch crocodiles), so we have that going for us!

    The Division doesn't come out until next year, so you're probably wondering "what the heck do you people do in the meantime". Well, adult things, like taxes and stuff... Just kidding! We chill on our forums where we daydream about The Division, talk about Fallout 4 and upcoming games, and post funny pics. Oh, We also play FFXIV (Malboro server)!

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Wanted to welcome our new member.
    If anyone else is out there who can't wait to play this game and is looking for a clan, feel free to check us out!
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    Hey guest-xjKUp56t,

    I'm sure you're excited to start a new clan but the forum rules do say no bumping... review here:


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