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    Uplay 10 days no response from support.


    I wrote to support 10 days ago and they have not yet answered my "ticket id..: 02327936 "
    I was just wondering if someone might be able to help me if I write here on the forum ?

    Well the problem is my key for anno 2070 have expried, and need to be reactivated since I have formatted my computer to many times
    without uninstalling the game first.

    ( I had no idea that was even nessesary the game have always been installed on the same HD with same computer hardware ID number )
    Anyway I would like to play my original played game again

    If I may suggest a change to the webpage, then I think people should be able to login to their account and press "renew" when their key expires
    instead of ubisoft/uplay need to spend time on stupid DRM things. It save ubisoft money, and people will be able to use their software again withing 10 minutes or so.
    It properbly will reduce the amount of illegal copys of games if it become faster and more easy to use the product that people actual have purcased.
    We are in the 21st century now, people want a service here and now els they will shop els where.

    Sincerely "Me" ;-)
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    Thank you for the redirection QuadraticAdam. I have now closed this topic.
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