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    Save game location ?

    I have a game installed through Steam and have this error at the first run. I was able to follow steps for C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rayman Legends.
    But what is the location for the saved games, I'm not able to locate one ?
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    The save files are in your documents folder for your Windows user account
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    Did you manage to get the game working?
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    Controlled folder access

    I've run into the same issue.

    What I found was that, even though I ran the game as an administrator I still got the Placeholder error. That makes no sense unless there is some other security feature in the mix. Now I've also been getting errors when creating files in my documents folder through other programs like, well anything really. Granted I've been messing with permissions for my folders in order to build a more secure system.

    When searching for the symptoms I came across "Controlled folder access" in Windows 10. Not sure if its enabled by default or if I enabled it myself after an update and then forgot about it. Would've been nice if there'd been some sort of notification when an application is blocked...

    Search for "controlled folder access" or browse to it via "Windows Security / Virus and threat protection / Ransomware protection". Here you can either add Rayman Legends as an exception (it will list recently blocked applications) or disable the functionality altogether.

    So far it seems to have done the trick.

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    Wrong Uplay nick name

    Hi everybody, here is my experience...
    I was try all solution from this thread but without success. After all, I was thinking about place where game storing my progress, which is the core of the problem. On the first look I was on 100% sure it is a game folder on path when is game stored (for example my path is: "c:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Rayman Legends\gamesave"). But I was wrong.
    If you use UPLAY application for playing this game, place where is stored your game progress is documents directory for your windows user. Here is subdirectory "Rayman Legends" and subdirectory with your UPLAY user nickname.
    And here is the problem. If you use in nickname some special character repeatedly ( like I ".") the subdirectory is not correctly created or is corrupted.

    Create new Uplay accout without special character in nickname. Login to Uplay under new account and take over your game (still is installed on your PC).
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    it didn't work for me
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    wow! i have no words.. i was trying so hard to solve this and u helped me!
    i have nothing to say but thanks
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    I love you <3
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    Thanks, m8!

    This works for me! The problem was solved!
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    I have a slightly different problem. When I try to start playing, I get an error.I also noticed that during installation there is no folder with save.how can this be solved?
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