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    Disc edition you have to download DLC??!!! WTF

    I have loved the series....and i wanted to purchase a physical copy of the COMPLETE F"N GAME that is advertised on the front of the case!!! So that if anything ever happened and i wanted to play the F"n game i would have the complete edition in my hand. I purchased the PS4 physical game only to find a DLC code for the additional content. SO ...If anything happens i still only have the basic F"N game....

    Not cool Signal...not at all...that was a POS move.
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    I've scoured the game case in hopes of finding data informing the consumer that there is DLC included. There is no mention ANYWHERE on it. Time to open the game up. Remove the plastic and what do I see? Well I look at the game disc image stamped as the Hall of Fame edition. Then I find a DLC code insert. So wait up why isn't it on the disc then? That's odd.

    Complete advertised content is not there unless a code is entered.

    Nice! And to add insult to injury only one PSN account can access this content. So now if my kids wanted to play this they each have to purchase this content for their accounts. This is the only PSN game I've ever had that content is limited in such a manner. I'm feeling a bit ripped off at this point.

    TL: DR

    PS4 Version: Complete product not on disc and code only works for a single account. Unhappy consumer.
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    Made a video on it

    To let buyer beware his physical copy is close to valueless in terms of barter, sale or lend. I agree its shady

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    Yep I wanted it all on disc, so I only played this one or two times single player (since mutiplayer local is boring not being able to BOTH use the hall of fame armies I paid for) after finishing all the levels I haven't played it since.. waste of 30 bucks imo. I bought this FOR the local multi and got screwed.
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    This is the feeling I share as well. We have been lied to in regards to the retail version of this game.
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