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    I was playing as Cobra yesterday. Made it to 3rd mission. went back this morning to pick up where I left off, but now Cobra is un-selectable as with G. I. Joe and a few other heroes that were available yesterday. A few folks on Gamefaqs have reported similiar lock out issues with the heroes.
    also the cursor while in tactical mode needs to be better illuminated while scrolling around on the map.
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    Hi and welcome to the forums ralliartfuzz,

    Thank you for reporting this, I will pass this along to the team so that they can investigate this.

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    I had never played a Toy Soldiers game before but I had to buy this one as I'm a huge G.I. Joe fan. I am playing the PS4 version and my experience has been most frustrating so far. For starters, the game is freezing on me a lot. I have had maybe two game freezes in the few years I've owned my PS4 - War Chest froze on me four times last night. I had to stop playing because I was worried about what it might do to my console. It freezes in menus and during game play. The other issue I had is that I cannot use my hero during the campaign. The notification pops up when the bar is full but pressing triangle does nothing. I played through half the campaign last night and was not able to use my hero even once. It works no problem in the tutorial so I'm wondering if perhaps it's a bug when using DLC armies? Oh and I even tried various controllers with the same results. Someone else on another forum reported the same issue.

    Oh and it would be awesome if there was a way to set up custom solo games. I just want to play as G.I. Joe vs. Cobra by myself. As it is now there's no way to play offense unless you go online, (and to be be honest that's something I'm not really into).

    Thanks very much.
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    ps4 EU release date?

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