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Well i have fixed it for myself but its still a bug.

I launched the game today first time and by default it was set to 720 resolution and in the terrible graphics menu. I went to graphics and saw all the settings were at its lowest.

So i maxed them all out except vsync as i have gsync with nvidia 980 gtx graphics card. But the game still looked blurry, so i then pressed my monitors info button and it said it was running at 720. 0.o?

So i clicked resolution and the only option is 1920x1080. I click it it says it applied and i accepted the changes. Nothing happen same resolution. No matter what i did in game i could not change the resolution.

How i "fixed" it:

i went to "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\toy soldiers war chest" and then open the file called "gfxsettings".

In there you will see the resolution and i changed it to 1920 x 1080:
display xres="1920" yres="1080"

I then saved the file but i also had to make it read only with admin rights. The game kept wiping the above settings once i launched it. Once i set the file to read only where the game could not make changes it is now playing at 1920 x 1080 and looks 100 times better.

I hope this helps others as i am sick of having to fix games on release day!

Note: i am on windows 10. This still should work no matter what Windows you are on.