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Wow, this is an old thread. lol.

It was made in half jest at the time, and I personally don't think they'd go down this route now. Darby confirmed that Desmond was cremated since Black Flag, so whilst his body is gone, we still know his mind is in the Grey..
Apologies for raising a dead thread, but I stumbled over this today and wanted to point out that Last of Us 2 was a prime example that developers can and will (and have) lie to us for sake of the product sales.

And also, Black Flag was the game which put Desmond’s picture front and centre on the security screens in multiple security rooms, like a dead guy walking about might have been a big concern.

If I were Abstergo and didn’t want Assassins crashing my lab to rescue their colleague, I’d make sure official records listed him as dead too. Maybe falsify an autopsy. Keep records minimal.

(I’d also insist that the Animus, which previously required a human brain to process genetic data - and not just any human brain for optimum results - suddenly and easily only needed a cloud computer system, honest, that we just so happened to name Helix.)

TLDR; I think Desmond is still alive but being used as a kind of Animus hub as his mind wanders in the Grey.

Whatever happens, I do hope he gets brought back into the series. Layla not being the long-awaited ‘Heir of Memories’ gives me hope that we might see Desmond again. (Although Elijah may also be a candidate, I’d think his Sage nature might mean he wasn’t the intended one, simply because there have been so many before him.)