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    neck breaking is quick, silent, and efficient..sounds fine to me.I don't think there'd be any screaming though
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    Don't break necks! You don't want the game to end up looking like a polished bootleg of Metal Gear Solid, and the more it does that others don't do, the more unique it is.
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    Well, at least they should have a couple of more options besides just smacking the enemy on the head with the gun all the times...

    That would give a bigger sense of freedom in the game...
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    Neck breaking in multiplayer makes sense because the spies weapons are non lethal. Doing it from a hanging position would be good because that would extend your options for when you can use it.

    I also think that if the spies weapons are non-lethal, there should be more h2h combat options.
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    What good would multiple hand to hand options do for a spy? If you can't catch him quickly and from behind, you're full of holes before you can get a second punch off...
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    I think a nice alternative to basic neck-breaking would be a black cord/zipline, albeit maybe too violent. Anyone ever see Black Hawk Down? Delta guys sneak up on enemy insurgents and wrap a very thin metal wire/cord around their necks to take them out silently. That would dispel it being 'too metal gear solidish' and much more realistic, as it is alot harder to break someones' neck than in the movies.

    Zip cord strangulation for all!
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    Zolden, that was done in Hitman, 47 used paino wire...

    What's the difference if you break someone's neck or not, in single player mode that is?? There isn't a big difference...If the option was in to break necks, more people would be inclined to be stealthy, instead of always looking for headshots...

    Also, what alot of people are forgetting about single player is that, now guards WILL get more armor..So think of it like this..

    Option 1. You knock the guard out..His buddy happens to find him and now you have that same guard to deal with again..

    Option 2. You knock the guard out..Then you shoot the guard to kill him, so you don't have to deal with him later on..But this time, his buddy finds him and sees you shot him and will get more armor..

    Option 3. You break the guards neck..His buddy finds him and can't do sh*t about it..What's he gonna put on as armor, a neckbrace??

    Think about it..Breaking necks in the single player mode doesn't take away from anything..And to say it's a bite off of MGS is stupid..I mean, that's not like a bullet time feature or something..It's an animation..Is Sam a Snake rip off, because he can hang on ledges? Or because he can shoot a gun? These are stealth moves, and no spy should be without them..
    ruM's OUT...
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    Option 4: sneak past them all and don't worry about breaking anything.

    How often do guards REALLY find their buddies? I guess I just knew logical places to hide them...

    Breaking a neck is really quite redundant for single player. Now, IF the "hostage" could scream or alert his buddies while you have them, I could understand a quick bullet to the temple at the first little peep. I actually think that would add a new dimension to the game to keep you on your toes...
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    It's not about logical places..How many times did alarms go off and you had NO IDEA why the alarm went off?? That happened to me and I was extremely stealthy through the game..I didn't shoot a single person..Grenades and landmines were used instead of shooting guards..Not a single guard died by my gun and it became tedious..

    So it kind of sucked that EVERY time I wanted to knock a guard out, I had to see the same animation..There was absolutely no variety whatsoever..

    Breaking necks should be in..
    Strangulation should be in..(although done in Hitman)
    Chloroform or another chemical should be in..(although done in Hitman)

    Also, they should allow you to shoot the guard directly in the head, from the same animation as when you do force cooperation..It'll be messy, but at least it won't be from the chokehold position..

    It just needs more variety..UbiSoft wants the player to be stealthy..I snuck past guards and didn't shoot a single guard..And how was I rewarded, I had to do the same animation 300 times..

    It's all about variety, and allowing the player to make decisions for himself..
    ruM's OUT...
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    Well, I do agree that variety would be very welcomed.

    However, I'm not saying this to brag or put you down or anything like that, but the truthful answer to the alarms is: never. I admit I shot more people than I do now (several then compared to one now) and alarms occasionally went off, but they went off because someone saw me before I could take them out or I was stupid and wasn't looking for trip lasers or something.

    I guess the repetition affected me differently. My eyes/mind got bored with it, but instead of always noticing the same KO, I'd start scanning the rest of the screen after I grabbed a guy and just subconsciously never looked at him when I KO'd him...
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