Riddle me This, Riddle me That.
How are these Snotters asleep it's a fact!
Try as you Might, and Quest all you want.
For to get to the Loot, you must pass there, no doubt.
Pass thro my Castle, get all my Loot.
Then come to this thread and give me a Hoot.
For I will post replays and say GZ to Boot.
My castle is for fun so roll dodge and Shot.
But this is A warning this riddle is Hard.
If the castle is inch, The question is Yard.
Post a replay in here if you figured it out!
Come to the forums and give me a Shout!

But please my good friends, to keep this aloft.
If you finish my castle one star is enough.

P.P.S (not in rhyme)
I really don't have a hard castle at the moment but i would still like to show off
my cool idea, so be Nice
also English is not native to me so bear with me.
here is the first room with the sleeping Snotters, GL and HF.

Signed : ORMos (The cool title needer)

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