If you would like us to sponsor you event please message us via Facebook. Below is a list of the things we need as well as things we can / can’t do for Unofficial Events.


- An outline of what the events is
- Rules (basic or advanced)
- A clear win condition
- A time-table (how long the event will run for)


- Generate prizes (this is subject to approval*)
- Help with creating/ refining rules
- Advertise on Facebook/ Twitter prizes (this is subject to approval**)
- Help judge or set up judging criteria
- Provide feedback on ideas

Can Not

- Promise Dev involvement (this includes presenting ideas to the Dev team or having the Dev team attend the event)
- Have prizes over 750 Bling (this is subject to approval*)
- Host the event
- Create all content for the event

We know many of you have your own creative ideas for events and we encourage every to create, host and participate in all Might Quest for Epic Loot Events! We will be watching the forums as well and may decide to publish or provided prizes of our own accord.
Prizes will depend on number of participants, event type and complexity. Only events which have pre-applied will be eligible for prizes. Not all events will be given prizes.
* Community Managers will use their discretion when publishing event information.