Who is eligible?
Anyone who has contributed to the community through streaming, videos, art work, posts or other avenues in the last 3 months.

How do I submit or submit another player?
Start a new topic in the Spotlight section of the forums with all the relevant links or images.

What are the restrictions for content?
All applications must be viewable for users ages 10 and up. Any content that has swearing, nudity or elements of racism will not be chosen and will have their threads shut down.

I won! What happens now?
Congratulations! All winners will receive 750 Bling and be announced in the Spotlight – The light shines down thread!

When will this event occur?
Every other Friday we will announce a new winner so send us your links and images!

Who will be the judges?
Aguton and I will decided a new winner every other Friday.

Tell us who you want to be our next Spotlight Winner!