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    Hints for Castle defense for the Starting Players

    I have played in this game for a while in the new format and I do have some helpful hints, as a player that did not spend a dime as of yet on the game. At first I lost a lot of cash to every player and their monkey pet but after going through so many castles and seeing what others have done to protect themselves I do have a few helpful hints for all you newcomers.

    - One way is to set up chain traps these can be done many ways, one way is to use spring boards in a narrow spot to launch attackers in the laps of a horde of your creatures or into other harmful traps {best is the firewall rare, but that can be hard to get right off the bat}

    - One way is to never let the attacker breathe by adding as much traps as possible to not let them sit and heal this can be a hard castle to validate but I believe in you all that you can do it!

    One way some do it is save most of your points to create a nasty boss room to add traps all over the room to make sure the player can not just sit there and smash the boss these castles can be hard to make but are very challenging for the attacker.

    Now hints on what to do correct in your castles

    - When setting up your creatures make sure to hold alt and move the 'Aggro circle' to your other creatures in the group this will make sure if one of the group is aggroed the others will too

    - Put in totems as soon as you can - Totems Allow your creatures in normal rooms to have a mob limit of 28 this can be very helpful in your low level castles and they make sure enemies can not kite the whole castle, watch out for overstacking units in totems! Overstacking to many points in a Totem will result in your creatures being stunned and useless.

    - Make sure to have a good boss mob - bosses are great to have but one thing you should make sure of is to add creatures that may make up for some weakness or buff the boss to be even more of a challenge.

    Those are my tips. Personally I think the best compliment I got so far was from the last attacker of my castle whom accused me of using the internet to make my castle when all I did was use my brain & trail and error.

    Good luck out there - and have fun!

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    bosses are good? you must be mistaken MissB. Bosses suck and only one is decent.
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