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    CASTLE DEFENSE 101: Learning the Basics of Castle Defense

    Warning this is a Live Guide, thus is subject to the change and addition of information.

    CASTLE DEFENSE 101: Learning the Basics of Castle Defense

    Hello Opulencians,

    My name is George Welch, and I've seen a great deal of newcomers suffer immensely when it comes to building an effective Defense for their castle. Now if your here for the blue prints to an UNBREAKABLE FORTRESS OF DOOM!!! I'm sad to say that there is no such thing. But worry not for I'm here to set you on the right track of building a challenging defense

    Chapter 1: The Basics

    Step One: The Attack Ticket System

    Now its very important that you learn what the Attack Ticket system is my fellow Opulencian. Now in basic lamen terms the A.T.S. is the number of traps or creatures with a combined defense rating that can attack a hero. The soft cap is the number of creatures that will attack your hero on their own will, while the hard cap is the number of creatures that will attack your hero when their attacked. For example at level one, creatures with a combined defense of rating of 20 will agrro your hero on their own. But if the creatures in a room exceed the combined defense rating of 20 not all of the creatures will aggro your hero, and the extras will in fact run around and try to avoid combat
    *Now it is important that while traps will ignore these soft/hard caps of the A.T.S. they are still counted for the A.T.S. So if you aggro traps near monster, those monster may de-agrro you as traps take priority in the A.T.S. *
    So in Summary, be sure that you realize that minion aggro will never exceed the soft or hard cap for A.T.S. so cramming a bunch of creatures in one spot may not be the best choice of action.
    *Below is a chart for soft/hard cap per castle level. *

    Step Two:The aim of your defense

    Now you can just throw a bunch of creatures through-out your castle hoping they'll eventually overpower and defeat and invader... or you can plan out your castle with the sole aim of targeting a specific class.
    Punish a certain class
    *Each class specializes in certain aspects of the game. Yes a defender-tron and zeke may work great vs a mage. But against a knight who can just outlast the damage of a zeke it is not that very effective. *
    It's a wise investment to design your castle with the intent of punishing the decisions of potential invaders. But be warned like I said earlier, no castle is unbeatable. So it is better to invest trying to punish certain classes, but not the best idea to try to stop everyone.

    Step Three: Don't Forget about Traps

    Surprisingly a great deal of Opulencians don't know the effectiveness of these little devices. As I said in Step one, traps will bypass the A.T.S. but did you know that when aggro'd bosses will never de-aggro? So what does this mean? Well this means that putting some traps in your boss room will be highly effective as traps will not damage your boss. but they will damage everything else
    Therefore it is a very effective strategy to put traps in your boss room as bosses often have a high defense point not allowing many if any creatures to assist it in battle... but as said before traps will always attack your opponent.

    The End to Basics

    Chapter 2: Psychology

    So having finished learning about the basics I'm sure your castles may have been altered in a way for the better
    But wait there's more for you to learn about making a good castle defense. This chapter focuses on Psychology. The inner mechanics of the mind of your fellow Opulencians!

    Step One: Misdirection

    Ever wonder why it is that when you see a hallway you wish to know what treasures lay beyond it?! This is because your curious. Everyone is. Thus use this to your advantage, leading potential invaders into a wild goose chase or even into a deadly trap.

    Hiding your valuables

    After living in Opulencia for some time you will have no doubt have accumulated riches from your neighbors. But it is very important that you keep these valuables in a safe place, less you want others to take it! Thus it is suggested that you be awful clever
    Perhaps you can stick your precious mines in a rooms full of traps, or even hide it in an empty room hidden in a corner of your castle
    Yes, you can place your mines in your boss room where it will be guarded by your strongest force! But it is also a very wise investment to spread them around your castle, thus forcing invaders to find them

    Step two: Pointless Rooms

    While managing the defenses of your castle it is important that no room is more important that the others
    But while managing the defenses of your castle you found that you have a giant empty room just sitting to the side. Yes you can just leave this as such for a bit of misdirection... OR you can make this room incredibly hard to get into. For when an invader sees a room that's hard to get into, their mind immediately thinks... "Surely there's something important in this room". Therefore they spend multiple minutes trying to get into this room only to find... nothing
    In summary be sure to remember the old saying, the pen is mightier than the sword!

    End to Psycholo

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    The Ticket attack part is wrong

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    We really need to get an updated doc lol
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    I have a better solution. Put Fire Globuleyes, Fire Walls, and Slowtorches, and your castle will kill. That mostly what I see everyday, but sadly for the defender, I know how to kill that design.
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    Originally Posted by uItim4t3_hunt3r Go to original post
    I have a better solution. Put Fire Globuleyes, Fire Walls, and Slowtorches, and your castle will kill. That mostly what I see everyday, but sadly for the defender, I know how to kill that design.
    It does work fairly well...
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