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    Number 42 Material

    Hello, my name is KawaiiScout. I have downloaded this game from steam and I'm REALLY enjoying it, but I've found one problem. I need the material named Number 42 to finish 4th floor and go on to castle defense. I hope I don't really need very much explanation but here's how it is: I am level 12 and finished 3 floors and nearly the fourth floor. I need the Number 42 material as I've said above to finish the fourth floor. Is it like RNG Gods be on your side or how does it drop? I have no luck in it dropping from monsters or player castles. Help is very much appreciated . I've posted type of the same thread on Steam and I got a response: High Loot-O-Meters do not increase the drop rate or something like that? Is it actually true or high Loot-O-Meters help me get the materials more quicker?
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    Hello again KawaiiScout. WARPAINTER here from Steam forums.

    Hopefully you find Number 42 material fast to finish your Castle's defense. Like I said on Steam Discussion it drops from Creatures in players castles - there's no sure fire way of obtaining it other than Luck/RNG but chances can be improved with more Magic Find on gear, Bonus Random Ingredients on gear or by attacking players castles with a higher Loot-O-meter. You can also obtain it from any level so there's nothing stopping it from dropping for you.

    It apparently can drop with Luck/RNG from tombstones in your castle but I've never obtained an EPIC material from a tombstone, so it's probably a bit harder to get Number 42 that way.

    Anywayz lucky looting. I'm usually in ENG Room 1 if you have any more Q's. Oh thought this image might add some weight to my response

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    The materials collected are biased towards the type of materials needed to craft the creatures and traps in the castle.

    So you need a lot of Stuff with NR42 cost to get a nr 42
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    If I recall correctly, the first time you defeat Ct. Snottingham during the tutorial you'll get a No. 42. Not sure if you've done that yet or not. And it has to be done during that specific quest.
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