Hello everybody,

Here is the solution to a problem that some of you are having: how to post a magnificent Mighty Quest screenshot, on the forums or anywhere else.

1. Video Options
The first step consist in going in the game options in the "Video" part and switch to "Windowed" mode in order to avoid a black screen when taking the screenshot.

2. Screenshot
You just need to push the "Prnt Scrn" button of your screen and paste the result in Paint (or Photoshop if you have enough gold in your chest) !
You can also use one of the many free softwares to be found on the internet for this purpose. Like these ones for example :
- PrtScr

3. Upload the file
You can upload your pic on hosting websites such as Imgur (quite easy to use) :

- Imgur.com .
To get your picture URL, once it's uploaded just right-click > Copy image URL

Forum / Facebook integration
To push a picture on the forum, you can just use the 'file attachment' button or you can alternatively use the classic html code and insert the URL of the file you just uploaded online.

> Code to be copy/pasted : <img src="YOUR_LINK_HERE" />

For Facebook, you'll just have to click on the camera in the comment box and to choose the image that you want to upload.

Are you doing it differently ? Use other softwares or hosting services ? Tips and tricks ? Leave them here, I'll edit the first post!

Have fun

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