Losing all movement but eagle vision in the sky at times ground (sky desyncs). Frankly spent hours fighting glitches getting a bad uniform with benefit over Nostrodomus. Then there is a rage need I have (some health thing), so I still go on to Sequence 7 (plus have a finish what I start view), the Boss will get knocked to the ground, now realistically, a perfect beheading scene lost. But it says hit B (or tap E) and rare counts you doing it, frankly he should just be knocked to the next scene of the battle, bad enough I am fighting segments of the bad and obvious story. Some get stuck in the 2nd or 3rd part. It angers me. I am cool with losing. But not air assassinating into an abyss.
Maybe you over did it, or don't hire on a meritocracy, but if it was a car it would be recalled by now. Fixes are not done.