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    Great instructions! The thing that baffled me at first on my Strat is that I needed to precut the strings to fit them in a hole, then wind'em... Which amounts to about two inches past the peg.

    I also looked at the video of BB changing a string during a set... Amazing! You can also see Stevie Ray do the same on the "Live at the Mocambo" DVD. I was also fortunate enough to see this feat performed live at the Montreal Jazz Fest by none other than ... Jeff Healy!
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    Originally Posted by DanAmrich Go to original post
    That's what it says above.
    Yes, I just noticed that, but my advice still stands, I would not advise anyone to use steel wool in any situation,regardless of what the fretboard is made of, I would avoid it altogether.
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    I have to laugh, because I had to take my Firebird to have them show me how to remove the strings. The tuners don't spin! So once they are 100% turned 'loose', you turn a locking mechanism that looks like what you would use to tune it. The heads tune like plungers.

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    Would it be a good idea to take the neck off the guitar when using steel wool to clean it? I have a bolt on neck, so it's easy for me to pop it out and put it back in.
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    You could, but just tape up the pickups, or wrap the body in a plastic bag or towel.

    Just keep the steel wool dust from sticking to the pickups. The pickups are magnetic so they will attract and hold on to that steel wool dust.
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    Is there a special technique for locking tuners? I have Grover's on my Les Paul.
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