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    Do these work? And if yes, how do they affect a/c performance?
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    Do these work? And if yes, how do they affect a/c performance?
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    I don't know about FB aircraft in general, but I do know that the duel oil and fuel pressure gauge in the 109s and 190s only half works. The fuel pressure is permanently stuck on 0.4 kg/sq cm. Going by the translated Finnish 109G-2 manual, fuel pressure should reach 1.5 - 1.8 kg/sq cm for normal, safe operation. The oil pressure should be 3.5 - 8 kg/sq cm. In FB, it starts at 3 kg/sq cm, quickly reaches the safe zone after start up and tops out at 7 kg/sq cm, so it works fine. The coolant outlet temperature gauge works fine in the G-2 also, but the engine overheats at 5 degrees lower than it should. Whether gauges work or not, other than constant overheating, the temperatures and pressures do not affect engine operation like they did in real life. You can slam the throttle open and go full RPM immediately after start-up without any damage to the engine. Real pilots had to closely monitor these gauges during start-up, warm-up, and run-up, to make sure that everything was at the proper temperature or pressure that it had to be in order to operate the engine without damaging it. Since it isn't modeled here, we don't have to worry about that. I'd like to see another difficulty switch that made you operate the engine properly, but that's just me.

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    hmmm...i have'nt looked at them all that much in FB, but in the original IL2 i've noticed that only a few of them work...but if they work as they should...hmm..let me put some questionmarks on that...

    LA5 oil pressure is always stuck at 0
    109's gauges are stuck on some halfway setting
    P39 coolant gauge works like it seems, but the 3way oil/fuelgauge i don't know..

    I think all the gauges should be fixed to work as they should and the engine should respond regarding the proper indicated settings..or vice versa..uhmm.. (got a small confusement here ..i guess...erhmm..nevermind..)

    The gauges should accurately reflect the engine's state...

    Too bad that this will never be fixed in good old il2 sturmovik..since all developers seem to move on and forget older classics that are still played, but have a few small "irregularities" in 'em


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