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    Rayman legends: Uplay account is required please install uplay and sign in.

    I just bought game Rayman Legends downloaded from uplay client, but when i wanted press play button this message showed up : Uplay account is required please install uplay and sign in.. I don´t understand it because I started it from uplay, i was also signed up, and online too... I tried to start it from desktop shortcut too but the same message has appeared.
    Please help me somebody

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    Hello K3YS1,
    First of all, welcome to Rayman community!

    There was an issue with the Uplay servers yesterday night, could you please tell me when your problem happened and if it is solved now?

    If it's not, restart your computer and try again. If the problem continues, please try to reinstall Uplay, and if it still doesn't work... Try to contact Ubisoft support, they might have a solution! https://support.ubi.com

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    The way I fixed it:
    Install Uplay again, having existing installation untouched

    It won't affect your currently installed games. Just run Uplay installer and launch the game through Uplay and valid game account.
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