First I would like to say I love all the updates to the game.
Really nice to see

I have a few questions maybe a few suggestions, as I really like this game.

Are you considering certain time periods to bring out new expansions?
If so at which pace would that be? every 3 or 4 months, or every 6 months?

I love the new skins for the cards you can buy Though 500 is a bit expensive, if you can get a whole box at 1200.

Are we getting more skins for cards? Like a picture of some of the great artwork in the cards?
Kind of like you have for your other card games.
Could it be an idea to buy certain skins as your battleground backgrounds?
Putting in more customization into the game, I think is a very innovative idea.

Maybe nice to have some kind of chat channels, that you can also make channels yourself to talk with all your friends in.
As well I think it would be nice to expand your profile a bit. Maybe with selecting a nice avatar, or uploading one.
That it displays some info, and people can browse it.
Would be nice to have a bit of text you can just fill in as well on there.

Oh well just my two cents.
Thanks for the lovely game you made, I hope you will keep making it more fun and excellent