If I miss anything else just let me know in the comments below.

So everyone is asking about character customization and if you get to choose different weapons, well if you watched all the videos that are currently out you can see that the guys we watch playing the knight always have had that amazing broadsword that they can flip around to cleave a persons face in, anyways if you look closer another knight is fighting with a flail (A flail being the spiky ball on a chain) with a shield as well, so you can obviously choose at least two weapons from what we have seen but we know there will be more than that (Hopefully) or it wouldn't be as fun, now if you look closely at the start of the world premiere you can see they are all wearing diffrent stuff, one kind of has what you would think a paladin would wear and the others are all wearing diffrent things, now we will probably be able to choose what we wear and use as a weapon or classes to choose.