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    PC Gameplay

    I am currently playing For Honor on the PC and forgot which button to push to activate a specific action when the "hand" symbol calls for it on the screen(like launching that bridge across the moat in 1.4 of the storyline). If anyone can offer any insight it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :-)
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    Awesome game!

    Well,I had played this game for a while and I found that it was somewhat similar to the Dark Souls 3 but the huge difference I found is that it is more realistic and interesting than Dark Souls.The battle scenes , weapons,maps,3 types of fighters and everything was just fabulous. I wish I could own this game because I don't have one. I have played this game on my friend's PC but I liked it very much.
    I also wish Ubisoft to make more creative fantastic and interesting games like this one. THANKS.
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    Wow yet again you really know how to let people down. Unbelievable!!
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