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    Hi all,

    Im really hyped For Honor like everyone else!

    Im here to trawl the net for any info on For Honor and spread the word.

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    The hype is real!
    This game looks awesome!
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    Cant wait!

    Didn't play a lot games of Ubisoft but this one looks really nice.
    One of the best looking middle age games i have ever seen.
    Cant wait to play it.
    Would like to see the "Ulfbert". The traditional weapon of the vikings
    Keep it up!
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    Looks brilliant...
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    strigoi1958's Avatar Senior Member
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    This game look AND sounds awesome... I cannot wait to try it at the EGX... (is there a demo... PLEASE tell me there is a demo ) My Unity co-op team are ready.
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    the trailer was really amazing specially with the viking hope he has a badass ax it would fit his badass looks
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    Investing in a game

    I don't invest my time and my cash in a game when the game don't have any update when lot bugs and crash begin after play 2 week . So for one game of UBISOF need update might & magic duel of champion .

    Is possible to download the game and also possible to go at the forum . But nobody at Ubisoft team answer in forum when people asking update for bugs and crash . The game crash . We need update , sure !

    And why Ubisoft if the might & magic duel of champions is dead game don't close the forum and never think to stop the download of might & magic duel of champions if really M&M Duel of Champions are a dead game !!! ?

    The game look like a game alive and people waiting in the forum 30 days to lauch the game in update mode . The bugs-crash continued .

    Ubisoft team (people work at Ubisoft) don't come in might & magic duel of champions forum to explain a couple of words in context . The team of Ubisoft take a COFEE ?

    We need déclaration from team of Ubisoft « For players waiting » ,Come ! Or close the forum and stop to let's people download the might & magic duel of champions game .

    People don't want to be a vegetable !

    Declaration is better .
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    Hey thanks for the good words on DoC Sadtraper! You know I've been working on this game for 3 years right? We've put a lot of love into DoC, as much as we are still putting a lot of love everyday in For Honor. Unfortunately I don't think there's so much we can do, but I guarantee you that you are getting heard and DoC players were among the best communities I worked with!

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    Hello forum! I join thee to hack and slay knights and wikings in the near future!
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