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    (Please read before posting) Welcome to the official FOR HONOR forum!

    Welcome to the For Honor General Discussion forum!

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    Pleasantly Surprised

    I'll be honest, I didn't expect anything from Ubisoft this E3.

    But you guys blew me away with this game, looks awesome. Reminds me of Chilvarly.
    This is probably my favorite new IP shown on E3 so far

    Well done, looking forward to more info on how combat works.
    Is it stick movement based? timing?
    Anything you guys can share
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    Nice Surprise

    This looked fantastic, looking forward to more details!
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    Can't Wait!

    This game looks fantastic, so excited to play something like this!
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    So freaking excited for this game. I WILL be the best. #IAmViking #ForHonor
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    Looks like an amazing game!
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    Color me ecstatic!


    Game looks great from what little I've seen, can't wait to see more! Great job so far on the initial delivery, can wait for future updates!
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    Look really good i can't to play!
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    Bring this game on!!

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    FOR HONOR looks amaizing.I hope i will get the opportunity to play the beta. THANKS UBI
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