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    Poor Servers Destroying Gameplay

    What´s with all the issues regarding players being constantly booted mid game? This happens in almost every game played, why don´t you have sufficient servers to support your product? This game has the potential to be an epic franchise, however, reputations can be destroyed for such issues. I am writing this after being booted from a game with a score of 15 takedowns and 0 deaths, my levels of frustration and anger cannot be properly conveyed in writing. I have been playing only a week and am already considering moving on to another game. You really don´t have long to address this vital issue before gamers leave in droves. Get your act together and sort this quickly.
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    Terrible servers

    The game was decent until the issues with the servers. I would think if Ubisoft had problems in the past dealing with servers then they would fix or prevent the same issues from happening in future game. Yet they still do not take care of these servers. Ubisoft thinks they can put out a half finish game and think everything is ok and will fix all the issues later on. Please stop releasing games that are not complete. It takes a great concept or a great game and trashes it make any and all gameplay unenjoyable. Don't get me wrong, I really want to play these games. I want to enjoy them but the connection to servers are poorly designed. Please hold on to the game and push the deadline back so that a proper server can be made.
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    Serves to balance classes, the big warriors do not throw them down miss with a truck, Nobushi and peacemaking too advantaged for speed.
    In online games is always higher levels opponents too, the guard breaks are virtually unstoppable, and so too are abusing the thrusts down ravines and increasingly repetitive attacks. It urgently needs a patch that balances all this fact.
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    BUG REPORT - KENSEI COMBAT EMOTE (ARM AND ARMED) not as advertised, pls fix

    First of all, thank you for making a wonderful game!! I am a big fan and enjoyed the BETA and am enjoying the early stages of the game. Looking forward to seeing For Honour rise and gain popularity.

    However I have a small issue with my digital purchase that I am hoping will be fixed.

    I purchased 'Arm and Armed' combat emote for my Kensei, and the emote isn't the respectful bow I wanted to use in duels (AS DISPLAYED IN THE VIDEO BEFORE PURCHASING) but a emote of the Kensei cleaning the blade, which comes accross as cocky and not my style.

    Please fix the emote to the emote in the video as I believe it is a visual bug that is unintended. The bow is a much better emote. Otherwise kindly issue me a refund as this was not the emote I wanted and is advertised. As it stands, this is false advertising and I am not being given what was advertised.

    Many thanks.
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    Не понимаю , как можно продавать игру за бешеные деньги , которая совсем не работает???!?!?!?!
    Постоянно вылетает , сетевые ошибки в каждой карте !!!!!
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    Bad Beta Feeling

    The whole game feels like a trial version released much too early. Building a multiplayer mode based on P2P leaves a belief the developers would be stuck in 2000. That is to say the least pathetic. The Balancing, the constant bugs and regular crashes underline only.
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    No game play without internet!!!

    4k i spent for this mofo game and now it says not gameplay w/o internet connection. Okay. I still have internet. Now it is saying no gameplay without updating the gameplay. YOU RAT**** MOFOS **** YOUR DYNAMIC GAMEPLAYS PPL JUST WANT TO ENJOY THE GAME>>>>FOR ONCE IN YOUR MISERABLE LIVE"S THINK ABOUT PPL WITHOUT INTERNET U CHEAP ****S!!!
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    Connection Issues

    This Game is Fun but have anyone else been experiencing connection issues it has happened way to many times to have it just my connection. I thought it was fixed since the beta but I guess not. A lot of times before I can start a game I get disconnected from the server. Also when just startin the game I get booted because I got disconnected even happens mid game. Also a few times I have noticed a lot of teammates or enemies get replaced by a bot and it happens too many times to be rage quit or just quit. The game is fun but I really hope Ubisoft fixes the connection issues because it is starting to get really annoying

    Well that's my rant of the day
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    true offline support

    this game needs true offline support always online is good after passing the campaing but some people want to play offline and is possible whit unranked characters starwars did it and is good also it would be be awesome to have a split screen mode to play whit friends at home same whit unranked characters just for fun sakes the game is good but some people have brothers and want to sit and play beside each other offline is needed pc already has this after game manipulation and is unfair that pc can play offline and consoles cant consoles are supposed to be player friendly and online gaming has become a plague that thends to ruin good games online is good but support for offline is needed also to keep balance also campaing offline is a must i write this as a constructive critic good day
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    First off I love the game the combat is super challenging and a blast to play all that I expected in the game. I am hopeful for the future of the game. Which is why i am writing this.

    there are a few thing that need tweaking. Especially at high level play. Main thing is bleed. Why is this a thing in the game? It give the character a huge advantage in all game modes. It would be fine if it was an activated feet but other than that it should not exist both characters that use it are so good even without it. If not removed it should be Changed so that bleed cannot kill you on its own. Just today I was hit twice with light attacks by a peace keeper with full health and died very quickly most agrivating think in the game. Also revenge should not boost attack. I'm cool with defense and health gain.

    those two things are breaking the game at high level play. Meaning when you start fighting anyone prestige 2 and up.
    Their is a reason why you are loosing so many players which is very sad because of how awesome the combat really is. I love the game but if some things aren't changed I will not be playing for the long term. Once another game comes out like the new mass effect this one will be shelved.

    One suggestion is to make separate maps of all modes with no gear score and no stat increases. It would make the game how it should be and be a lot more competitive. I think a lot of people would elect to play that type of game play.

    Hope this helped see some people's perspective. I hope you listen.

    Thanks for honor team!!
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