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    Originally Posted by SassMan86 Go to original post
    Dear Ubisoft my name is Angus i am very angry now let me tell you why. See ive been looking forward to For Honor for months now and the fact it is an online only game is dumb.I want to play not just with others but on my own as well. I dont often have time to devote to twenty minute matches. Sometimes its nice to take a few minutes and ply the game. so it would be nice if you didnt decide what was best for your fans. Hope you have a nice day.
    I agree I'm very disappointed in the game but still have hope for it as long as you guys actually listen to the fans and make the correct fixes
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    For Honor!!

    It's similar to Banner lord tho.
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    Are you guys working on any of the matchmaking problems, guard break timing, bugged blocking or the overall quality of life of this game. Cause on our side it looks like you guys are doing nothing again like you did on Division and are just collecting money...again!
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    Fix your servers

    Spent the $100 on the game hoping that Ubisoft could hold its water... Tonight Myself and my friends have DC'd 4x in different matches towards the end total server drop and no xp / rewards... going to be asking for a refund if this continues.... (this is not the 1st night we have had issues, this is just the straw)
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    Alter Schwede

    Mein Gott wie kann man dieses wunderschöne Spiel, sowie diese echt gute Spielidee sooooooooo dermaßen versauen..????? mal ganz im ernst ich hätte ne bitte an euch: ,acht den Kesei doch bitte noch ein bisschen stärker und die unblockbare Fähigkeit im herrschaftsmodus einfach passiv!!!!!! dann können sie sich sobald das Team spwant einmal mit ihren LEICHTEN ATTACKEN durch das ganze Team wirbeln und haben dabei den spaß ihres Lebens ......... das wäre doch mal schön...... naja aber auch ohne passive ist er mit seinen ausweichschritten sowie dem üblen schaden MIT SEINEN LEICHTEN ATTACKEN dabei auch schon jetzt ziemlich unaufhaltsam. aber gut ich meine mal ganz von diesem dreckigen Server System und der dardurch entstehenden verbindungsprobleme abgesehen gibt's es auch noch mehr Charaktere die einfach nicht gut gebalaned sind........ aber das wissen wohl alle Spieler selber die gegen diese Klassen Spielen und diese auch spielen. ........ habe das gefühl das ubisoft einfach nur Sonderschüler einstellt die sich alle zusammen in nen Kreis stellen und ihren Namen Tanzen können nachdem sie die Schadenswerte und mechaniken mancher Charaktere beim Kniffeln ausgewürfelt haben!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hoffe ubisoft wird da in nächste zeit noch ordentlich was ändern denn sonst werde ich, und ich denke auch viele andere die das selbe denken dieses spiel einfach in die ecke werfen werden........ und es nicht mehr spielen werden. naja und das war jetzt auch definitiv das letzte ubisoft game das ich mir holen werde denn wenn man die anderen games anschaut ist es da nicht anders

    außerdem werde ich in vielen weitern foren meine post machen und die spieler von dieser Sache überzeugen..... bis das spiel einfach von niemanden mehr gespielt werden will weil es einfach nicht gebalanced ist.....

    naja dann noch mal nen schönen tag und frohes zocken

    PS: spiele selber nen raider
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    Sry habe schnell geschrieben das ich ein wenig gereizt war..... aber wenn man nicht immer nur was an Posts kritisieren würde, sondern darüber mal hinweg sehen würde und über das geschriebene nachdenken würde, wäre das auch mal hilfreich.
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    For honor is a broken peice of **** right now

    Originally Posted by SpaceElephant Go to original post
    Hey thanks for the good words on DoC Sadtraper! You know I've been working on this game for 3 years right? We've put a lot of love into DoC, as much as we are still putting a lot of love everyday in For Honor. Unfortunately I don't think there's so much we can do, but I guarantee you that you are getting heard and DoC players were among the best communities I worked with!

    ha your putting love into your game ya right the game is so broken right now that i know of quite a few people myslef included that cant even finish a match of dominion because we keep D/Cing left and right and its annoying as fuick because we cant even get lvls or dailys done or anything i even got one that told me to plug the ethernet cable back in to my xbox one its ****ing wireless so ya fix your fuicking broken aiss game then you can talk highly about it cuz right now as it stands your going to lose all your xbox one people to GHOST RECON when it comes out and people going to be returning for honor left and right if they arnt already
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    I having a customization problem on for honor

    hey guys just wondering if anyone else is having customization problems on the game could use so help
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    pissed a little.

    Hi, my name is Max, i play on xbox in germany.
    I spend 100$ for a game i can only partially play. Ubi&ForHonor-Team please notice that some words for the problems whould be nice.
    A big fat Sorry, and a solution for the lost in time/ep/steel/champtime is a must for a happy community. Your game is like an awesome version of "Rune"(2000 pcgame), fresh, awesome in gameplay, teamplay, fun, man i can go on forever, but plzplzplz fix these server issues. My team gets even disconnects when playing only vs bots...
    We all have open Nat, Ports ok, good Internet and bought gold for 100$, this is not ok.
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    its a fun game its just a shame it doesnt work online :/ and for a game focused almost entirely on multiplayer that is a bigggggg problem!. I connect to roughly 1 in every 4 games i search for then if im lucky wont be kicked out due to poor server quality.

    another mistake worth mentioning is to do with the blocking when fighting against multiple opponents, instead of allowing you to direct your shield to the income attack the damage will spontaneously come from any angle so if say someone attacks you from the right while you are locked onto another person the damage will instead come from behind or from the left.....

    im considering returning my game to amazon since its almost impossible to play multiplayer or with anyone i know, please work to fix this and invest more money into this game it really needs it.
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