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    T1 Decks

    Here is some decks I have played in JP and got tier 1 with or won first place with. I don't have much time to play ladder so I have no idea how highly ranked they are, but I find them to be quite enjoyable. Most of them are very diverse to deal with many threats or just inspired by old favorites from past meta's.

    3/2/0 "Kiril Hack"

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    Hero (3/2/0)
    1x Kiril

    Events (8)
    4x The Great Hunt
    4x Week of the Mercenaries

    Creatures (40)
    4x Maniac
    1x Moon Phoenix
    4x Gravid Breeder
    4x Hellfire Imp
    4x Lurker in the Dark
    2x Tormentor
    3x Darkflame Fanatic
    3x Ur-Jubaal's Minion
    4x Shadow Lilim
    3x Shadow Breeder
    4x Breeder Mother
    4x Blazing Succubus

    Spells (10)
    2x Cheap Death
    3x Fire Bolt
    2x Fire Blast
    3x Forked Firebolt
    This deck is one of my early favorite deck Crag Hack reborn for inferno and new meta. Dark and fire creatures with important and powerful ability synergy and some basic removal.

    4/1/4 "Anastaxia"
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    Hero (4/1/4)
    1x Anastasya

    Events (8)
    1x Rise of the Nethermancer
    3x Market of Shadows
    4x Fiery Sunrise

    Creatures (24)
    4x Skeleton Spearman
    4x Venom Soldier
    4x Plague Skeleton
    4x Lich Tactician
    4x Skeleton Master
    3x Necromancer Reinforcer
    1x Atropos, Weaver of the Dead

    Spells (4)
    4x Cheap Death

    Fortunes (22)
    2x Revised Tactics
    4x Undead Reinforcements
    4x Reanimation
    4x Campfire
    2x Broken Bridge
    1x Altar of Asha
    1x Seria's Legion
    3x Bone to Bone
    1x Army of the Dead
    Better stack hero than seria. Ability gives more utility than water magic. Typical stack deck otherwise with some abusive stack mechanics.

    3/6/0 Generic Mother+
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    Hero (3/6/0)
    1x Mother Namtaru, Invoker of Death

    Events (8)
    4x The Great Hunt
    4x Month of the Dancing Flames

    Creatures (25)
    4x Wretched Ghoul
    4x Lingering Ghost
    4x Neophyte Lich
    4x Moonsilk Skeleton
    4x Sahaar Mummy
    4x Scavenger Ratkin
    1x Ariana, Chosen of the Void

    Spells (25)
    1x Cheap Death
    2x Mutual Agony
    1x Ice Spear
    4x Alone in the Dark
    4x Town Portal
    4x Geyser
    4x Soulreaver
    2x Time Jump
    3x Ice Meteor
    End result of current meta. Spread out many options somewhat thin to deal with many threats while maintaining tempo. Not much different from past meta, just new balanced creatures make stronger with guaranteed event trigger.

    4/1/3 Simple Shalan
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    Hero (3/2/3)
    1x Shalan, Voice of the Lotus

    Events (8)
    4x Time of War
    4x Rise of the Nethermancer

    Creatures (36)
    4x Shark Guard
    3x Spring Spirit
    3x Shark Protector
    2x Coral Seer
    4x Kabuki Sentry
    4x Ushio Naga
    4x Kirin
    4x Coral Priestess
    4x Kabuki Seductress
    4x Dousing Kappa

    Fortunes (12)
    4x Campfire
    4x Broken Bridge
    4x Truce

    Buildings (2)
    2x Shalassa's Temple
    Ushio+Coral Priestess+Focus blast = puzzle game

    3/6/0 Classic Myranda
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    Hero (3/6/0)
    1x Myranda, Blademage Champion

    Events (8)
    3x Rise of the Nethermancer
    2x A Tear in the Veil
    1x Cosmic Balance
    2x Month of the Dancing Flames

    Creatures (28)
    4x Scholar
    1x Moon Phoenix
    4x Spirit-Bound Djinn
    4x Arcane Sharpshooter
    4x Embers Elemental
    3x Sellspell Djinn
    2x Surging Djinn
    4x Unstable Djinn
    1x Captive Djinn
    1x Ariana, Chosen of the Void

    Spells (18)
    4x Wind Gust
    1x Mass Dispel
    4x Town Portal
    3x Lightning Bolt
    2x Magic Steal
    4x Time Jump

    Buildings (4)
    4x Free Mage Altar
    Very similar to old style myranda deck i used to first reach 1500 elo long ago. High atk djinns with cheap removal/relocate to get into TJ win range for finish.

    6/5/3 Ammar "Card Advantage--The game"
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    Hero (6/5/3)
    1x Ammar, the Cunning

    Events (8)
    4x Week of Knowledge
    4x Night of the Rising Moon

    Creatures (17)
    4x Rakshasa Skirmisher
    2x Moon Phoenix
    4x Gargoyle
    1x Captive Djinn
    1x Nur, Spellweaver
    1x Shi-No-Shi
    4x Djinn Cloudshaper

    Spells (23)
    4x Vine Trap
    1x Focused Mind
    4x Insect Swarm
    4x Stone Shield
    3x Landslide
    4x Frozen Wave
    3x Ice Meteor

    Fortunes (22)
    3x Revised Tactics
    4x Shifting Fates
    4x Campfire
    4x Arcane Research
    2x Favorite Spell
    4x Circle of Nine
    1x Arcane Intuition

    Arcane Research lets Cloudshaper deck have better start hand compared to just Co9. Requires effective use of revised tactics to ensure good draw as game progresses. Generic cloudshaper spam and draw 2-4x card per turn.
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    I tryed your 3/2/0 "Kiril Hack".....just wow...funky deck...<20 mins for my inferno daily .
    Now i will try your nec stacks but i have doubts that it is really better than seria. Additional i dont like the Skeleton Master in it because this guys seem so clunsy...but i give it a try

    Thank 4 posting your decks.
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    it's highly subjective but i feel like there is way stronger lists than those you proposed i mean if your shalan is doing T1 without even having "THE" combo into it that means that JP became meaningless (or that i underestimate you build, i would prefer it this way). Still thx for sharing.
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    The reason i post it as jp t1 and not 5000elo deck is because jp can sometimes be random luck in matchup. So i mean it to act as a disclaimer. I feel shalan (as example) is mid tier mostly. Kiril i got 1st place from 9/0...and well thats not really indication of huge winrate from just sub10 games.

    Most are meant to be a bit unusual technique for more enjoyable play and still achieve T1. I do not feel it is possible for me to make a godtier deck so i try new things instead.
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    The kiril deck is really easy to misplay; its like stacks in that it has a huge burst at the begining, but its easy to lose against decks who can handle the creatures. It might be a bit wonky since I dont have all the cards for your version, but it's definitely powerful when it has a good opening and has a not-terrible matchup. Its a lot like a stack deck, taht way

    I like the anastasya deck. It has a bit of an odd resource curve, and like all stack decks it requires a good opening hand. Having repeatable cripple versus Seria's better area removal is a toss up, though. The former is good if you maintain board control and dont have to deal with a lot of threats, the latter is more reliable if you can't get a good opening and need a catch-up spell.

    Might try the shalan for my sanc daily.

    Didn't try the others yet. Dont have 4 cloudshapers and not a big fan of control decks.

    Still, thanks for sharing
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    Kiril mother and anastasyaall share same problem in "skill" factor. Early game there is choice between stat up or ability use and with more experience with deck and plays vs matchup can let you make easier choice without suffering.

    Anastaysa i used in jp early after release of ToR and i feel it needs some change as enrage deck becomes more common. Cripple versus expanding attk creature is very poor.

    Shalan would benefit from some attk increase (honor bind us, kabukitei, mercs) as all creature deal only 1 or 2 dmg and you can not approach lethal outmaneuver range easily.

    Kiril has time limit of turn 10 typically. If you do not reach victory by then it will be very difficult and require nice draw or misplay of opp.

    Mother is typical. Rush with Ability and single target removal slows down after turn 5. Ice meteor can reestablish tempo especially against stack or path of ancestor event. Get into tj range before slows down. Mutual agony helps fill in the gap between ability use and time jump.

    Ammar's only fear is dispel.

    Personally i feel kiril or ammar is most effective but kiril is very quick and ammar very slow. Ammar has options for every situation while kiril limits opponents options by important creature ability or stats.
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