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    Shop Maintenance [Complete]


    There will be a planned maintenance on the game store from today while we conduct maintenance on the payment system to provide a better service for all.

    During this maintenance you will be unable to buy new seals from the store. However, other sections of the shop will remain available. It is expected that this maintenance will last through the weekend.

    We will continue to give further updates from Monday to keep you informed of when the system will be back online. Please make use of this coupon code that will be valid for the duration of the maintenance.


    We have completed the maintenance we were conducting on the Shop. Seal packages are now available for purchase once more.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Your MMDoC Team
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    Sweet! But... draft???
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    Greatly appreciated, that code is amazing, thank you very much!
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    What is the code?
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    300SealsForFree -- you type that under "redeem code" in the shop
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    This is the right way BB, Info sharing with exact date and some gifts to community to show that you care

    I heartilyapprove and appreciate the new path you have chosen, thank you
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    perfect thank you
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    can anybody plz tell me the code cauz i cant find it
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    As already stated the code is : 300SealsForFree

    Pretty generous code =)
    Thanks alot
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    Did you know that if you put in 30000sealsforfree you will actually get 30000 seals?

    I didn't try it with 3000000 though, and once you claim it it's gone

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