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    Hope to get help

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    Hello Drivers!

    Ubi-Kay here joining the Community Management team.

    As a new member of the CM team, I will be here to help you with the game, answer your questions and keep you updated on all that we have in store for you!

    Feel free to say hello and introduce yourselves as well!

    Hi, how to complete driving outlaw and driving the ripple?
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    Hi, guest-XoaBiSVv. To complete driving Outlaw, you have to drive with the boat named OUTLAW. Same for the ripple, use the boat named THE RIPPLE to complete this mission.
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    Hope someone answer the way to drive ripple

    Draft over the whole game to drive outlaw; stay behind the opponent or self-spirit, earn drift points to get extra speed, but not overtake.
    However, I m also wondering if it to be the same process for the ripple as outlaw
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