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    Sequence of tournaments

    I read that the current tournaments are all repetitions from former tourneys.

    For me, it's the 3rd tourn. atm, so I am pretty clueless on former tourn. - therefore I tried to figure out the sequence to know which one (more specific: which prizes) are most likely to come up next. This following list is my result. Since none of the names occurs twice, I think only the names have changed.
    (please feel free to correct me on any fault, as I said, most of this I don't or can't know for sure)

    So ... can any of the attendant old hands tell me more ...? i.e. "the current prizes are the same as they were in S. 6 - Tourn. di Minerva" --> so 15 similar to 6, 14 similar to 5, and so on.

    Your input would be most grateful !
    (To make it more interesting: The first useful answerer will rewarded a free tourn. win by me)

    The First Grand Capua Games

    Season 2 - The 1st Annual Games of Di Inferni

    Season 3 - The Grand Thiasus Nam Bacchus

    Season 4 - Tournament di Vulcanalia

    Season 5 - Tournament di Gannicus

    Season 6 - Tournament di Minerva

    Season 7 - Tournament di Agron

    Season 8 - Tournament di Mercury

    Season 9 - Tournament di Apollo

    Season 10 - Tournament di Discordia

    Season 11 - Tournament di Pantheon

    Season 12 - Tournament di Vesta

    Season 13 - Tournament di Venus

    Season 14 - Tournament di Fortuna

    Season 15 - Tournament di Flora (<-- that is the current, here we are now)

    This link might help remembering the prizes.
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    I'm also fairly new to the tourneys. My wish list for prizes would include:
    - Helm of Vulcan (or Helm of Minerva) helmet so that I can replace the Ox head helmet that I have. The helmet would have to be better than the ox one
    - Greaves of Agron or Leggings of Gannicus or Wine Soaked Greaves
    - Agron’s Falx or Agron's Great Sword
    - A trident
    - Thyrsus of Bacchus
    - A spear (Spear of Minerva)
    - Vulcan’s Armor
    - Rudis of Gannicus
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    Originally Posted by Black_Widow9 Go to original post

    Thanks Black_Widow9, that was actually 90% of my source
    I thought summarizing it on one page might help remembering s.o. ... (also the HP isn't always available for me, I think others have that issue too)

    I usually would ask the next through at least 3 or 4 more sentences, but I'll try it bold this time:
    From all the persons on this forum, I consider you the best go-to-guy for this - if anyone knows it for sure (or could look it up quickly), it's you.
    Minding your answer to the almost same question on the HP, I don't expect an answer like in my example - could you just verify or contradict my asumption ? One letter answer is enough Y or N

    And the list of mackahaye could have come from my quill aswell, it names the most wanted items of many players I know, who reached lvl50 just short ago.
    Nothing to add, thx for your effort!
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