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    ACC:China - Possible memory leak?

    I have been playing Assassin's Creed Chronicle : China for a while and every now and then, after an hour or so of playing, the games starts stuttering and barely playable because of major lag issue. Upon closing the game, sometime the process stays alive and unresponsive, and memory/disk usages is close to 100%.

    If I kill the process the disk returns to normal values, but the memory remains at > 80%...

    The game works fine only after a reboot.

    I have the latest drivers for my Nvidia card.

    Anyone else noticed the same issue?
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    Hi There,

    That is a strange issue and not a common one..

    Is it possible something is 'holding on' to the process - such as the Geforce experience?

    If you can open a ticket with support here: www.support.ubi.com and the team can investigate - please send your DXdiag and MSInfo to them to help troubleshoot.
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