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    Syndicate or beyond wishlist... big dreams

    It would be great to see the following outside of what we were shown.

    • The protagonist should be able to actually interact with other things inside buildings, like sitting down would be cool.
    • If we have carriages, then why not horses themselves, would be awesome to grab a horse and chase a carriage and jump on it and take over etc. They wouldn't have to be all over the place, but would be around if you didn't have a carriage near.
    • Bring back the ability to pick up an opponents weapon during a fight if needed.
    • Maybe a few different hats for the protagonist other than the top hat.Would like to see no hate at all.
    • know this would take a lot of processing power probably but things changing over time. Like if a building is being built at the beginning of the game that we'd see various stages of that build until the end when the game ends with the last Sequence. Big wish, but it would be cool to have the surroundings change like that over time. Please keep the varying weather changes and time of day.
    • I see the whistling to lure an enemy is back. For the heck of it, can we also bring petting the dog back? Or how about allowing you to have a dog be your pal to do things, like lure bad guys.
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    The city between the seven mountains
    1. Gray stories.
    2. Evil/good and gray Assassins and Templars.(showing all sides of their ideologies)
    3. MD.
    4. More variety in protagonists.
    6. More Templar games.
    7. Different gameplay styles.
    8. More poetic and philosophical writing.
    9. More overlapping stories

    That's all I've currently can think of, might add more.
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    Next big thing: the crowd having a formal detection system that leads them to call for help if you do too much shady stuff around them (or not, depending on the context of your shady stuff)

    Needing to keep in mind convincing the crowd that you're not a threat would be a massive shake-up for social stealth. It sounds like there is going to be a little bit of that in Syndicate, with people calling the police if you smash into carts and such on your carriage. It was hard to see, but in the demo the player actually gets the cops on him as well as the gang members that are chasing him, but then it cuts ahead to the gang confrontation. A lot of the cuts in this demo seemed to hide systems that probably aren't totally ready, really does feel very work-in-progress.
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    Delicious and full of healthy oils!
    How about some incest
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    Next-gen Arno.
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