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    DoC - Card Generator

    This tool is currently mostly for websites that want to generate up-to-date cards. You can see the results at www.mmdoctools.com (thanks Eth for beta testing this ).

    Download r1 :http://aranarth.pagesperso-orange.fr...0Generator.exe (604k)

    Sources for devs [C#] r1 : http://aranarth.pagesperso-orange.fr...20[r1].zip (400k)

    Almost everything is in the self explaining screenshot below so I won't go into details:

    Note that as I still don't fully understand gamedata there's a few quirks:
    - Zardoc and Serpentfly have alternate arts only.
    - Caller of the Void and Monastery of Helexia seem to points to blank alternate arts, thus showing the previous displayed art.

    Also note that my understanding of Chinese is close to non-existent so the word wrap code is very basic. If you have some knowledge in both this language and regular expressions, please post a regex I can use to split text properly.

    This tool should be partially included in replay manager over the week-end as a mean to view up-to-date cards at all time, without having to download pictures from remote websites.

    Thanks to ZenityAlpha for the code source of his modding tool that greatly helped me understand and explore gamedata content.
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    I think, you should be developer of a game itself
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    Yeah, the community should develop the same game with another name and arts. At least she would be more involved.
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    If someone started a Kickstarter campaign that just copies exactly MMDOC mechanics, I'd gladly contribute. Hex got away with it and they raised over $2 millions.
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