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    Terracotta Soldier Problem

    I am at a point in the game where the only way to progress further is to get candy, but the track that I have to get candy on is also the track where I have to beat a terra cotta soldier. Whenever I start the race, it forces me to race the soldier. I don't have the bike required to beat him, so I'm never able to get my candy to progress further in the game. Is there any way to cancel a mission or something? Please help.
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    Same problem here.
    Only have armadillo and tango available, bronco questline seems to be dependant on completing this mission first too. And i can't beat the terracotta rider with either of the bikes. This really stops all progress.

    The track is The Lift, where i'll only be able to beat him if i make the big jump at the end, but Armadillo and Tango are not capable of it.
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    Progress stop

    I cant get abymore progress because i need to beat terracotta and the ghost im pissed cuz i tried to beat the game 2 years ago and quit cuz i cant beat therese difficult riders what do i do, i dont want to quit
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