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    Your company robbed me.

    I bought the starter pack for air mech arena. In xbox its shows as i own it. In the game i have not been awarded anything as ubisoft hasnt recived any notification from xbox that my account owns it. So i get booted at the title screen 100% of the time. Since neither of you want to solve this issue. I want my money back. I dont give a sh*t how long ago it was. I did request a refund when it happened. Guess what. Nothing happened. I am pissed off that in this day and age you assh*les steal from people while giving them a receipt! I am sending this to both xbox and ubisoft. Your companies are a disgrace to gaming! I spit in your direction!
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    This starter pack is not a new issue. Seems like one UBISOFT doesnt want to address?

    dont worry ubisoft. i wont stop here. if you refuse to solve this. i will show the world your true colors
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    Starter Pack issue

    Purchased Starter Pack from Xbox after playing the game for a few days. After downloading the Starter Pack, I can longer connect to servers. The connection I do get shows no increase in Diamonds and no VIP. Anybody else had a good outcome to this. Support still working on it more than 24 hr later[/SIZE][/SIZE]
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    Even after a year of having a case opened. They never fixed it for me.
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