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    A bit of a complaint and constructive suggestions.

    This is what is posted on the technical support page:

    Frame rate issues. WORKING ON IT
    Matchmaking co-op issues. WORKING ON IT
    Corrupted Saves or Lost Progress. WORKAROUND BELOW
    Uplay WIN services are down WORKING ON IT
    Legacy synched data is not showing properly WORKING ON IT
    Player get an error message when trying to redeem chests WORKING ON IT
    Not able to progress past Sequence 1 / Memory 3 if you started to play as you were downloading the game WORKAROUND BELOW
    For some players, not able to complete Sequence 7 / Memory 3 Confront Bellec Mission WORKAROUND BELOW FROM THE PLAYERS
    Graphical and collision issues. WORKING ON IT
    Ubi-collectibles codes might be invalid when redeemed on http://acinitiates.com/promotions WORKING ON IT
    Progression reset bug WORKING ON IT
    Connectivity issues: WORKING ON IT
    “Lost Assassins” bug: if the player started to play on companion 1st, then sync up on a console, player may lose all his assassin’s in his companion Nomad Brotherhood. WORKING ON IT
    Some app crashes on devices not officially supported WORKAROUND BELOW
    Game crash and users encountering error CE-34878-0 WORKING ON IT WORKAROUND BELOW
    Can’t launch the game – ACU.exe WORKING ON IT WORKAROUND BELOW
    Some Crashes might occur WORKING ON IT
    Getting stuck when launching the game WORKING ON IT
    Uplay members may get put in a 45s ‘Please Wait’ screen after passing the ‘Press A’ engagement on the screen before reaching the main menu WORKING ON IT

    My question is, at what point do you decide to come out with a game that for one, doesn't run well on a good system let alone a great one, has bugs in just about every aspect of what makes a game (ie. Playability, lack of crashes, collision), and has horrible frame rate on a great system with great internet? My question is, how well did you guys test this? I'm not angry, nor am I ranting. I really would like to know your thinking on this.

    I understand it takes a HUGE amount of effort to make a game this beautiful graphic wise, and we are so close to having cut-scenes throughout our entire playthrough on a game, but what makes a game great is the same thing that makes any product in the world great. If you buy a shampoo that doesn't clean, what is it? Would you buy from the company again even if they fixed their product later? Your faith in them is lost.

    I bought this game for 60 dollars, which is no small amount, and while in the scope of your costs you incurred making the game it is nothing, I still would like a product that works. We as your customers want to enjoy and love your games. When we as game players play a game without bugs, good graphics, and an awesome immersive storyline we will tell everyone we know to get the game! It doesn't matter how expensive it is, you see? So while you came out with a game before it was really ready, we now are pained and I would honestly tell everyone I know not to buy this game or likely any product you make after this. I hope you can rectify yourselves to the next generation of gamers and on reviews as "the most bug free game" ever made. Then you might restore some hope from us who have essentially been burned and taken advantage of.

    Next time you want to make an immersive game, take a lesson from AC4. The Spanish people spoke with Spanish accents. The British with British. The Jamaican with Jamaican. Why is everyone in Unity speaking British but a few random characters? It's just weird. It makes me feel like I'm in London jumping around with some French travelers occasionally coming onto the scene. I wish it was much more "French", and I'm not saying it has "No french" feel to it, just that it's not super immersive. AC4 made me want to go buy a ticket and visit the Bahamas and Cuba regions. With this one I don't feel that inspiration.
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    Great... another person who starts an account to post 1 post to say I'm not here to complain and then complains... British is not a language... English is.
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