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    Splinter Cell Chaos Theory PC Crashing

    Hi I was just gifted a copy of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory for PC on Steam. I started it up just fine, the default resolution was 1024x768. I want it to be 1920x1080 and there is an option for this in the dropdown box, however whenever I click save settings the game tries to set it to 1920x1080 and crashes. No matter what I try; Disabling my second monitor, running as administrator, using this -ll command I saw in a steam forum. It always crashes and I am unable to even begin the game.

    Specs are
    i7 5930k 4.8Ghz
    16gb DDR4 RAM
    EVGA SC 980 2.0, 4GB VRAM
    SSD with ample room

    Please help, also the .ini manipulation of the fullscreenresolution= field is not giving me any results either.

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    The fix that worked for me

    Just got this game yesterday and had the same problem. I know it's a late response, but hopefully it helps you out. What I did was hit the windows key and type "record".
    The option "Record Game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using game bar" should be clicked. Once that is up... I disabled everything on game bar, Capture, and Game Mode. I also made sure to have my Nvidia game overlay off. Also make sure to not have any other capture device like OBS running because that seems to mess it up too.

    Hope this helps
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    Hi, I had exactly the same problem and I also tried to unable Nvidia overlay and Windows game bar, unsuccesfuly. After many researches with help from Ubi Support, I could identify the conflict : "XtremeTuner Plus" from KFa2 (manage and overclock my graphic card). When this app is closed, the game runs fine !

    Hope this could help somebody
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