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    AC Chronicles: China - option to change the keyboard controls please

    Hi, I've been playing Assassin's Creed Chronicles China today and there doesn't seem to be a customisation option for the keyboard controls.

    Put simply Left is A, Right is D, Run is SHIFT and Crouch is CTRL.
    Given that the left hand rests on SHIFT, A, W/S, D and SPACE, I lack the necessary sixth finger on my left hand to press CTRL to do a running slide which I can see is possible in the game but difficult to perform with my five fingered left hand.

    I really want to change crouch from CTRL to E or Q or whatever else might work.

    Could Ubisoft please add such a feature to the options menu or please tell me how I might fix this problem some other way?

    Otherwise I'm enjoying the game so far. The artistic style of the game and the cutscenes is really nice!

    Kind regards.
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    Same here. My hand hurts after just 30 minutes of playing this game. Controls are insane.
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    There is no patch to fix this yet but you can go about this in another way.

    Go to the path were ACC:C is installed in my case it's D:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Assassin's Creed Chronicles China. From there open up \ACCGame\Config. Within the config folder there should be a file called DefaultInput.ini. Open it and under ;Keyboard and Mouse PC Controls you can change the controls. If you don't know where your game is installed you can find it through Uplay. Open Uplay, go to ACC:C, Click on the little arrow next to the Play button and open up Game Properties, Click Local files and there it will say where the game is installed.

    In game the controls will still say the original ones but they should work. (Though I can't seem to rebind the backslash XD)
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