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    Forums Changed Again (also known as the WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON-Thread)

    As you can see form our main-page, the forums changed a little bit. Don't worry, all of the old links/posts/headings/subforums are still there, they're just easier to actually reach now. Gone are the days of 40 second scrolling through Fusion categories when you just want to post in Frontier! It's about making it easier for you to navigate the forums. I understand that an abrupt change like this is an annoyance, and I need to admit that I knew it was coming, I just didn't know it was coming NOW.

    There are some things I'm not exactly fond of, such as the sub-forums not lining up with the category images... But that's a minor annoyance of mine.
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    So this is perfectly normal? There are no category descriptions, no 'Most Recent Post' and frankly it looks like some n00bs' website front page. The game banners are bigger than the links, which should be held higher on the priorities list, as they hold all the content! It looks as though the site's Style.css is broken :/.
    Maybe it'll load better on phone browsers, but those huge images will still eat the bandwidth. If you're going to keep it looking this sparse, they ought to be made half-height at max. And remove the "Sub-forums:" text, it's pretty obvious what the links are for, being a forum, or change their color so visitors know what not to click on.

    The Far Cry forum looks like this too, but their Threads/Posts are working.

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