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    Last Day of the PC Closed Alpha - Ends Monday, 10AM Eastern

    The PC Closed Alpha will be ending on Monday, April 13th, at 10AM Eastern.

    We encourage you to keep playing or watching streams, videos and the other content created by the community - and to keep sharing your feedback with us (here if you aren't an Alpha player, and here if you are an Alpha player)! Shortly after the end of the Closed Alpha, a survey will be sent out to our Closed Alpha participants.

    The whole team would like to thank you very much for getting involved in playing in the Closed Alpha and sharing your feedback. We have been gathering it (alongside feedback from the subreddit, YouTubers and streamers) and will be reviewing it alongside the player data that we have been collecting and the survey answers that we will be receiving. We will be reviewing and discussing it all, internally, in the upcoming weeks, and make decisions. We will be getting back to you with said decisions and explain the reasoning behind them.

    We hope you enjoy the last few moments of the Closed Alpha!
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    now i cant wait for beta

    i never got in alpha looking forward to beta
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    Thanks for the opportunity and also for sending us a survey.

    I believe the community has plenty of suggestions that will make this game a success but please, "Pay attention to what we are all asking".

    Best Regards...
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    Thank you very much for doing a closed alpha! Loved the experience andd looking forward to play the beta. Hope you read our feedback and do some changes.
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    so, even though i was invited to the alpha, can i play, or do i have to wait for the beta?

    I only ask, as i was given the invite via email on Friday, but did not receive an activation key. I could not download or play over the weekend, as i was away on holiday with the family.

    Please could some one help clarify this for me. As i have been really looking forward to playing R6S

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    thank you for the opportunity to participate in the alpha version, hope to see beta of quality improvement. Good luck
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