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    The spectacular music in AC:Rogue

    I decided it's time to visit Ubi forum after so much time just because of this.

    Why AC:Rogue wasn't marketed more? It's definetly not a masterpiece of a game, it's a good game, above average. Yet the media was full of bloody Unity advertisments and we know how the whole thing ended.
    That music in Rogue, it's absolutely awsome material. Just because of that music, AC:Rogue is a musthave/mustplay.

    I'm very disappointed official OST doesn't contain every score/arrangement from the game, but well. Here's hope they'll release OST 2 with those (I don't talk about shanties!).
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    well i'm still in early stages of the game and havnet progressed much, but the main menu music is a remix from "Ezio's Family" which is made by Jasper Kyd for AC2 and he is the ONLY and the BEST in my opinion, he should've continued working on AC titles since music of AC3 and beyond are not that quite good COMPARED to what Jasper had created.
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    Erm, I'm not talking about just main menu music or that particualr score, sorry.

    It's still a good score, but the rest of the material is what provides the spectacle in AC:Rogue.
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    I completely agree with you. The music in AC: Rogue is amazing, along with the gameplay and story.
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    If it had Multiplayer, I would have named it the best AC yet. At the moment it doesnt have enough lifespan to fully justify the 50 bucks (since it only has 6-7 sequences to normally 12), but it is a must buy if you enjoyed the previous games
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