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    paypal tournaments

    I love this game and I get sad when people say they are losing interest in the game.

    So I got a idea for a tournament that will give you something to look forward every Sunday.

    Starting Monday 11th the first weekly paypal tournaments will take place and all the replay will be stream on my twitch channel on Sundays.

    Here are the details: pairings will be announced on the Sunday before the tournament.

    The rounds will be play the following way
    Monday 11th: round 1
    Tuesday 12th: round 2
    Wednesday 13th: round 3
    Thursday 14th : round 4
    Friday and/or Saturday: finals

    Player will have to contact their opponent and choose the time for playing the games for the rounds. after you play your match the winner will have to send me the replay before the end of the day gmt-0400 eastern daylight time example: Monday by 23:59 @mariosbel@gmail.com. The next round will be announced here by the next day at 02:00 am.

    games will be play on best out of 3.

    Players can change decks after every game.

    1st place 25$ as paypal gift
    2nd place 10$
    3rd place 5
    I know is not much but this is just the start after the first tournament I might Double the amount.

    Is gonna be a 16 player tournament.

    Format is gonna be modified standard.

    BanEd Card.
    mother namtaru, invoker of death (1/2/0
    kal-aazar invoker of agony
    Mass rage.
    barracks limited to 2

    Player so far.


    tournamet closed.

    make sure to check the tournament page on http://challonge.com/paypaltournament1 and contact your opponent to set a time to play your games. good luck and have fun
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    Nice idea! thanks!

    I thought about joining, but then I realized there will be lots of Kal-Azaars and decided not to.

    Maybe next month.
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    Sounds really cool.

    I hope you make some interesting deck rules to keep it from being a spam fest of the same decks.

    I have some ideas for tournaments myself, but I never have any time to organize them. I'd be happy just playing some odd swiss with people for fun, this game really needs a better messaging system.
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    Great initiative!

    However, a lot of people cannot spend weekend for tournament. May be, it will be better to prolong tournament over the week, with 1-2 day for turn. And use Sunday Stream to comment replays of tournament. This much approach is much easier for time management. Also such type of rules permit to increase number of participants.

    What are you think about it?
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    Gib place! (I promise I won't play Kal-Azar!)

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