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    An easier way to get the code from under Rufus' paw is to go up near Peepers, and then just zoom in on the table with your camera. The code is uncovered at that point.
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    Hi cnelis,

    That's not the code he's asking for. The one that Rufus has is for room#2 in the Akuda Bar.

    The one that is being asked for here is the one for the MDisk cabinet next to the puck game.

    Not the same thing. But thanks for trying to help out.

    G-2b, playing the fast game.
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    I just got the code from the Darkroom, but when I try to put in the code, it says in is wrong.

    Do I have to wait till I get to a certain part of the game to open it or what?
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    No offense intended, but make sure you read and input it correctly! It's easy to make a mistake.

    Also, each new game will have a different code. If you use the Internet code from a save game, but try to use that code in a newly started game, it will not work.

    G-2b, playing the fast game.
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    That is No.13 Mdisk.
    I have not found its code yet.

    It seems to get the code from internet after input the code of saved game.

    I've refreshed all the four records of racing matches, but no one would give the code, haha.
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    You've been reading Khyron's walkthrough apparently. That's not how you get the code. Go online to http://darkroom.ubi.com/index.php and enter your Internet code.

    G-2b, playing the fast game.
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    About 10,500 people the last time I visited the Most Wanted list.
    It's probably a lot more now.

    Please don't capitalize everything. We'll answer you even when you're not shouting.

    G-2b, playing the fast game.
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