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    Itís Time for Renewal


    The time is drawing near, weíre glad to share with you that Time of Renewal is expected for a release on the 15th of April.

    Weíve gone through a lot of steps to reach this point: development, balancing, testing, validation, confirmation, etc. All going to plan we will be updating the server and releasing the new expansion on Wednesday next week.

    Weíll be sharing the full patch notes and change logs later this week for all 170 cards, plus a bunch more that have gone under the looking glass for a rebalance. Most of these cards will be presented to you in a Twitch stream on the 14th (Tuesday).

    We would like to thank you for your patience and we would like to thank all of the players who have helped us test this new expansion!

    More details coming soon!
    Your Might and Magic Duel of Champions team.
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    Finally! Time to download DoC again
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    omg, amazing news.

    or release date of ToR is 15th april 2017?
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    Awesome news indeed !
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    posting in a legendary thread
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    very good!!!!!! wait too long
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    Streams are coming back? I hope it becomes a weekly thing. Hype for expansion!
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    Momi, get someone from the development team to drop by during the stream so we can ask them about their design/balance philosophies for the game....or just to say hi at least
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    That is a great news! But I have a quick question. Do you guys will release the draft mode as well with this new expansion patch? or that is something that will occur later on?

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    MMDoC is alive! OMG!
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