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    Official Fusion World Record Thread

    * Featured Run *

    The Long Haul - 47.304 by Revvy

    Top 5 X-Plat Trials Record Holders

    Classyfication 53 X1
    NewLongBorads 21 X1
    Luxion 8 X1
    Im_Wizolo 8 PS4
    lv PARADOX vl 4 X1

    Full chart of record holders: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

    Cross-platform World Records

    X1 - 115

    PS4 - 18

    X360 - 5

    PC - 2

    To watch any of the Platform World Records in action: click the times below, or check out Sandholm's playlist

    Big thanks to Sandholm for continually uploading the records!
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    Greenhorn's Grove
    Turbine Terror 41.848 Im_Wizolo PS4
    Waterworks 31.297 Im_Wizolo PS4
    Observatory 31.149 Im_Wizolo PS4
    Dirt Derby 40.709 DempseyDaPro X1
    Cliffhanger 38.951 lv PARADOX vl X1
    Arctic Open
    Ski or Ride 32.559 Im_Wizolo PS4
    Shear Pressure 32.098 Classyfication X1
    Shivering Isles 27.318 Classyfication X1
    Peak Performance 23.450 Classyfication X1
    Deep Freeze 30.679 Borads X1
    Fusion Factory 50.288 NSP I VeNoMz X1
    Urban Sprawl
    Skyscraper Showdown 44.439 FMXzilla X1
    Park and Ride 42.544 Classyfication X1
    Blimp my Ride 47.361 FMXzilla X1
    Marina Mania 32.067 Classyfication X1
    Cactus Challenge
    Road to Ruin 38.070 Im_Wizolo PS4
    Stormtrooper 55.944 Classyfication X1
    Sunrise Dash 49.890 Borads X1
    Base Invader 35.677 Jussi_online PS4
    Around the Oasis 56.941 Borads X1
    Rainforest Rumble
    Bungalow Beach 25.681 Classyfication X1
    Swamp Crash 32.037 Classyfication X1
    Temple Trouble 30.893 FMXzilla X1
    Tropic Storm 31.442 Borads X1
    Skill Showcase
    Rocky Road 51.534 Borads X1
    Eco Park 42.072 Borads X1
    Icebreaker 27.847 Classyfication X1
    Cold Storage 26.475 Classyfication X1
    Expedition 32.529 Borads X1
    Experts Club
    Cave Dweller 42.008 Classyfication X1
    Covert Ops 27.813 Classyfication X1
    Mind the Gap 45.051 Classyfication X1
    Redlynx Derby 1:09.683 Classyfication X1
    Jungle Gymkhana 46.179 Borads X1
    The Greater Crater 56.738 Borads X1
    Masters Gauntlet
    Eye of the Storm 34.290 Classyfication X1
    Rock of Rages 34.198 Im_Wizolo PS4
    Light City Run 29.967 CR Kitten X1
    Frost Bite 33.764 Classyfication X1
    Inferno IV 37.366 Classyfication X1
    Riders of the Rustlands
    Hornet's Nest 41.598 Luxion X1
    Junkyard Funk 34.965 Borads X1
    Rags to Riches 34.956 Classyfication X1
    Gone to Waste 45.503 Borads X1
    Whiteout 42.571 Borads X1
    Devil's Beak 40.905 x High Deff x X1
    Empire of the Sky
    Gone Clubbin' 28.761 Classyfication X1
    Eden 1:06.381 x High Deff x X1
    Stratosphere 44.907 Classyfication X1
    Winter Getaway 29.355 lv PARADOX vl X1
    The Substratum 40.718 Classyfication X1
    Way of the Machine 1:23.816 Classyfication X1
    Welcome to the Abyss
    Depth Disturbance 49.822 lv PARADOX vl X1
    The Rabbit Hole 30.522 Classyfication X1
    Titan Causeway 1:03.479 Luxion X1
    The Long Haul 47.304 Revvy X1
    Dead Reckoning 34.937 Classyfication & NSP I VeNoMz X1
    Enter Atlantis 37.720 Borads X1
    Ancient Machine 33.467 Classyfication X1
    Deluge 36.647 Classyfication X1
    Fire in the Deep
    The Vestibule 40.175 Borads X1
    Primordial Peak 43.759 Luxion X1
    Tectonic Jolt 41.294 Classyfication X1
    Section -47 33.634 NSP I VeNoMz X1
    Downtown Fracture 31.243 Borads X1
    Bottom Dweller 29.966 Luxion X1
    Deeper Underground 42.566 lv PARADOX vl X1
    Iron Incendiary 36.875 Classyfication X1
    Charred Remains 36.292 Classyfication X1
    Fault One Zero
    Megalopolis 35.251 Ronshakk PC
    Docking Bay 25.193 Borads X1
    Retrospective 51.428 Borads X1
    Glitch in the System 33.237 Classyfication X1
    Clone Facility 39.301 Classyfication X1
    Farcasters 56.260 Borads X1
    Mech Unleashed 53.185 Classyfication X1
    Robot Wasteland 29.602 Classyfication X1
    After the Incident
    Force Majeure 36.914 Classyfication X1
    Forgotten Peak 32.537 Classyfication X1
    Overflow 40.040 Luxion X1
    Storm Chaser 35.488 Classyfication X1
    Dust Bowl 35.937 Classyfication X1
    Radiation Sickness 29.008 Classyfication X1
    Static Discharge 39.078 Classyfication X1
    Meteorain 32.700 Classyfication X1
    Redlynx vs. Allstars
    Elysian Skies 41.755 Classyfication X1
    Fish & Ships 26.808 Classyfication X1
    Neo Bradford 23.371 Classyfication X1
    Seismic Activity 30.976 Classyfication X1
    Trials of Ice and Fire 36.210 Borads X1
    Adelopodia 9 36.493 Classyfication X1
    Sleepy Creek 38.510 Classyfication X1
    Frontside Ollie 32.214 Classyfication X1
    Short Circuit 20.397 Im_Wizolo PS4
    Extraterrestrial 33.590 Classyfication X1
    Invasion 37.177 Classyfication X1
    Hades Departure 48.483 Borads X1
    The Last of the Robots 33.956 Luxion X1
    Boron City 52.891 Classyfication X1
    Borne Legend 34.614 Luxion X1
    Tin Town 37.893 Borads X1
    Subterranean 30.535 Classyfication X1
    Ghost Town 32.168 Luxion X1
    Breakwater Harbour 27.336 Revvy X1
    Dark Carnival 23.518 Classyfication X1
    Alca-Trialz 31.459 Classyfication X1
    The Awesome Adventure
    Mission: Blueprints 32.683 Im_Wizolo PS4
    Astral Trip 1:23.477 lv PARADOX vl X1
    Role Player 2:50.150 DempseyDaPro X1
    The Void 32.499 lv PARADOX vl X1
    Base Apollo 49.266 DempseyDaPro X1
    Celestial Disturbance 42.996 DempseyDaPro X1
    The Boss Battle 1:33.273 DempseyDaPro X1
    Daredevil Showdown 794,948 FMXzilla X360
    RedLynx Rampage 629 068 lflowerpl PS4
    Titan Temple 970,553 lflowerpl PS4
    Airtime 1,638,348 FMXzilla X1
    Polar Accelerator 917,371 FMXzilla X360
    The Gauntlet 989,825 lflowerpl PS4
    High Society 1,451,004 lflowerpl PS4
    Surface Tension 2,119,572 lflowerpl PS4
    Manic Miner 1,842,466 FMXzilla X1
    Abstraction 2,306,651 FMXzilla X1
    Final Frontier 515,399 lflowerpl PS4
    Terminal Velocity 4,597,634 FMXzilla X1
    Skill Games
    Balancing Act 752.146m End of Assembly X1
    Big Air 164.457m Aelonaa PS4
    Krank 654.103m Borads X1
    Trick Master 275,578 xXChronicDeerXx X360
    Triathlon 126,276 LE SUSPECT Qc X1
    Ice Climb 286.046m StormPsykoz PS4
    Hard Wheeling 774.026m End of Assembly X1
    Infinite Trials 73 InfernoTrials X360
    Laws of Motion 364.094m xQualify X360
    Freefall 797.992m Slapchops PC
    Labyrinth Zone 1209.673m MAS0NYX X1
    Circles of Hell 10504m x High Deff x X1
    Field Trip 692.891m MAS0NYX X1
    The Tower 994.540m Plopikoosy X1
    Cubicle Space 298 Im_Wizolo PS4
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    Hello. Ok, I've worked with the community team on figuring a way on getting Waistless to be the author and eligible to keep the WR thread updated. Unfortunately this IS the only way.

    The old thread is archived and to help out, if things from the old thread still need to be needed quickly and easily, I can sticky the old thread too, making sure everything can be transferred.

    Apologies that this is the only way, but it is the only way, otherwise, you're stuck with not being able to update.

    Now you can. Waistless can keep everything up to date editing easily and from what I've seen is doing a great job along with Sandholm's vids. Look forward to many awesome WR times, always watch them.
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    Bottom Dweller - 30.617
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    looks really good waistless
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    FYI I took Junkyard funk a while back on 360 (and it's xplat)
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    I'll have to check the 360 retro time, pretty sure I have it and it's around a 54 but not sure exactly what it is, maybe if someone happens to be on Xbox 360 fusion they can find out
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    Originally Posted by xNarCissisM Go to original post
    eco park 42.304
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    Originally Posted by Waistless Go to original post
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    Temple Trouble - 31.482 XB1
    Rocky Road 52.529 XB1
    Cold Storage 27.076 XB1 XPLAT
    Jungle Gymkhana 46.730 XB1 XPLAT
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