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    I think I was good with everyone in MK2 & 3, and everyone but Sonya in MK1. I tried to play a couple of the 3D games and couldn't do it (that was also after many years barely touching games). I got MK9 when it came out for Vita and liked it, but sucked so bad I couldn't progress much so I quit for a couple years. I've been practicing up since you started this post and discovered how big that game really is. I'm getting a little better, but can't get past Liu Kang vs Shao Khan even after watching tons of videos.

    So right now, based off MK9 I feel most comfortable with Johnny Cage, Smoke (because he's cheap), and Kitana. I still have lots of characters to play. I'm most looking forward to Predator. I hope WILLYUMZ is right and he's like the cyber ninjas mixed with Kabal. I was quite fond of them all in MK3.

    One thing that really screwed me up is changing High Punch/Kick and Low Punch/Kick and mapping special moves that have to do with hands to kick buttons and mapping leg special moves to punch buttons. For example, Liu Kang's Low Fireball was forward, forward, low punch in MK3 and now it is back, forward, front kick.
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    Pre-ordered this on PS4. Only downside to this one is that online play will be region locked. I'm partial to a bit of Ermac cheapness myself, but Scorpion has been my one true love since the original.
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    preordered and played
    realy enjoyed it
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