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    Piano Players

    Yeep I'm one.


    Not a good run^^ but that's all I have so far.

    Any other pianists?
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    You are playing wayyyyy better than me. I have learned piano for many years, but I never really was "good" to even perform/play anywhere properly. I was pushed into piano class and I had no interest in playing piano. I am said that I can learn a song pretty fast (and I do believe so), and I could be a great pianist if I was practicing more regularly, but most of the music that I played through sounded so bland in melody for me, and now I am retired at practicing piano. The music was just too uninspiring and led me away from motivation to continue playing.

    All that money wasted in piano class at 7 years....
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    I'm a piano player too.
    You're not alone!
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