I want to show you guys an easy way to make money online without inwestment. With PTC websites you can simply make money for vieving advertisements/filling captcha. Some of them have adgrid and/or microjob section. Simply click and get some cash. Here is the list:

Neobux is the most trusted PTC out there. You get 20+ ads per day valued at 0,001. The good news is, that it only takes couple of minutes to click all of them.

With this bux you wouldn't get much money from ads, but you will earn more cash from ad grid/microjob section. If you are active earnings per day can go up to 0,15 $.

Second way to make money are Traffic Exchanges. You simplyearn money for vieving the websites. My favourites are:

On Squirly Traffic you can get from 0,05-0,1 daily from surfing (i suggest to surf 350 sites everyday). Every user can participate in promos and get 1$ just for singing up. Minimum cashout is 5$ (Paypal).

Easyhits4u pays 0,30 for every 1000 websites surfed and minimum cashout is only 3$. Free users can surf 300 sites per day.

If you have any question feel free to contact me at: MietekP1970@interia.pl

Happy earning!