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    Music bug, theme song

    I turned down the music volume to 0% specifically so I don't have to hear the theme song "Welcome to the Future". Problem is, even with the volume all the way down, it still plays the music until the game completes loading to the start screen.

    In fact, I wish I could just disable the opening track completely, since the rest of the game's music is not bad. It has to be the vocals: it's annoying to hear a screaming "WEEEELCCOME TO THE FUTUUUUURE" every time I boot up the game.
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    I"m pretty sure that isn't a bug at all... the music plays at normal volume on the title screen because you haven't actually logged into your profile yet. This is noted because you can see that after you press A or (X depending on your system) the game will say something like "welcome back so and so" signifying that it is loading up your profile, which would also involve your settings you have tied to it. that's why the music on the title screen still plays.

    tl:dr- it plays because you aren't actually logged in on the title screen for your settings to take effect
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